The Metaphysics of Pain

Part One – The Metaphysics of Pain

Everyone is predisposed to pain, but very few understand what it is or how to resolve it.

First I’d like to say that in no way am I trying to oversimplify the very complex phenomenon of pain. Any particular pain can have multiple causes. I’m just trying to get to the very bottom line of the pain; the root cause.

Working with the root cause is something you can do in addition to any other therapy or method or medication you may be taking.

My way involves looking at pain from an other-than-physical perspective. To do so, I need to introduce a word that many have heard, but few understand.

A word that has gotten a lot of bad press.

A word that many ‘smart’ people look down upon. And yet, it contains an unfathomable wisdom that you can tap into and use.

That word is metaphysics.

Most, upon hearing the word, dismiss it as being without value or substance. Others embrace the concept, while perhaps not really knowing what they are embracing.

The word metaphysics simply means ‘beyond physics’.

You already know what physics is – the laws of movement for the physical world. (And the studies of those laws.)

Metaphysics, on the other hand, holds the laws of the physical world as well as the laws that govern the emotional, mental, and esoteric worlds. Metaphysics is also concerned with the interactions between these four worlds.

As physics governs movement for the physical world, so metaphysics governs movement for all four worlds (of which you are a part).

Just as the movement of matter must obey the laws of physics, so the movement of thoughts and feelings must obey the laws of metaphysics.

Why do I mention metaphysics?

Because if you want to heal you pain, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or even esoteric, perhaps the most elegant way to do so is to learn the secrets of reality creation; which are best explained by the laws of metaphysics.

In the physical world, gravity always works. If you know about ‘metaphysical gravity’, you can work with it instead of being oppressed by it.

By looking at pain from a metaphysical point of view, we are able to get a better understanding of what pain is, and how to deal with it.

Here’s a few points to keep in mind about pain:

Pain carries a connotation of ‘being bad’; that you must have done something wrong.

Pain is also seen as a weakness.

It’s embarrassing for those around you – and shameful for you – when you’re in pain.

Also, it’s very confronting to deal with pain, because it’s so hard to ignore. You can easily deny your pity, and even your fear and anger, but pain is so ‘in your face’ – demanding your attention.

Despite it’s ‘loudness’, it’s also very elusive. You just can’t grab hold of it; it’s too mysterious.

It’s very important to end your pain, and the time to start is right now.

To end it, first you need to understand it. While few understand what pain is, everybody knows what it feels like!

So what, exactly, is pain? Let’s step back and look at the big picture. Beyond the physical.

(I know, pain is what happens when you stub your toe. But why did you stub your toe? That is the domain of metaphysics!)

Pain is the seed that starts fear, hurt, loneliness, and punishment.

It is also the sticky residue that remains after these four things have left.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to deal with fear, hurt, loneliness and punishment.

The fear is too frightening.

The loneliness is too overwhelming.

The punishment is too distracting.

And the hurt is too depressing.

As a result, you are practically forced to numb yourself out in any number of ways, rather than dealing with it directly.

So often, pain goes unchallenged because of these reasons.

In addition to fear with it’s threat,

loneliness with it’s isolation,

punishment with it’s aggression,

and hurt with it’s alienation,

pain can also precede and follow other emotions such as anger.

So what else is pain?

Pain is a synergy of two things.

(A synergy is when two or more separate things come together, and the resulting whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

For example, when you have a bulb, a switch, a metal tube and a couple of batteries, you’ve got maybe a dollar’s worth of spare parts. Add them together, however, and you’ve got light!)

Pain is a synergy of a ‘separation from’ and a ‘longing for’ something specific.

Separation by itself leads to loneliness and hurt.

Longing by itself leads to fear and punishment.

They must both come together to produce pain, and when they do the resulting experience is worse than the experience of either one of them taken individually.

By looking at pain from a metaphysical perspective, as a synergy – you begin to retrieve your power from it.

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