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Mark Ivar Myhre

I am not a doctor – and I have no medical training whatsoever.

Rather, I am an emotional healing coach.

I also have a whole bunch of self improvement products to help you live a better life – heal the pain and get what you want out of life. Find out more about by clicking here – People Healer.

I recently joined Facebook, so if you’re a member too (or you sign up) then you can find more info about me by clicking on the link below.

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And here’s what I do: Creative Visualization


My Philosophy – Life Is An Emotional Experience

Emotions stand as your greatest source of power. They exist as fuel, motivation, momentum and reward.

They offer the answer to the question, “Why?”

Why live?

Why get up in the morning?

Why be responsible?

Why interact with the world?

Why do anything at all?

Because of emotions.

Your emotions hold value, significance and meaning.

The value comes from the inherent nature of emotions: they exist as a raw material out of which you create the world you see around you.

  • The significance comes from the realness of your emotions: they’re more real than the body you inhabit.
  • The meaning of emotions must be found in the living of life: they offer a meaning that’s as individual as you are.

We live in a society that provides little space for human feelings. While we respect our thoughts, the feelings that always accompany those thoughts are often denied.

Thoughts and feelings resemble your two arms. Sure, you can get by with only one arm, but imagine how much more you could accomplish with two.

Your one arm of thinking may stand strong and powerful. (It’s doing the work of two.) While your other arm of feeling may be weak and atrophied.

You’ll never develop your full potential without using both your ‘thinking arm’ and your ‘feeling arm’.

My Purpose

Learning about and working with your emotions may be the single most important thing you can do, and I’d like to help.

My goal involves helping you reach a state of emotional dominion.

Emotional dominion – a state of being where…

  • you’re comfortable with all your thoughts and feelings.
  • you embrace whatever emotion comes up.
  • you love and accept all your emotions because they exist as a part of you.
  • you give yourself the permission to completely and fully experience your emotions as intensely as you possibly can, and then release those emotions with the same intensity, completeness and fullness.
  • you hold the ability – at any moment – to access the full range of human emotion.
  • you choose what you want to feel.
  • you’re in charge of your life – living the life you love – because you want to, because you choose to, because it’s just so much fun!

That’s my wish for you.

My Qualifications

I received no formal education in emotional healing or emotional dominion.

My schooling comes from a different arena: I learned out of necessity. I learned emotional healing because my life depended on it. I had a gun to my head, and it was a matter of either figuring out how to heal my emotions or else I was going to blow my brains out.

Thankfully, I chose to heal my emotions.

The foundation of my emotional healing knowledge comes from meditation and visualization. On August 19, 1974 I first started meditating, and since then I’ve averaged about one hour per day; sitting quietly in an altered state of consciousness. (And for the last ten years, it’s been more like two hours per day.)

While this may seem a strange source of knowledge (how the heck are you going to learn anything sitting in the dark with your eyes closed?!) let me assure you that quite a bit can be gleaned and garnered. Especially after ten thousand hours or so.

You can’t help but learn about yourself and what makes you tick. In fact, you’ll probably learn more than you want to!

I know how to heal emotions and then progress to a state of emotional dominion. If I can do it, then you can too.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

My name is Mark Ivar Myhre, and I wrote this website because I suffered from depression for many years before I was finally able to end it.

Actually, I was bipolar.  Or, I suppose I still am, but it’s so mild these days I barely notice the ‘inner maniac’ inside me.  And I hardly ever get depressed.  But if I do, I know it won’t last more than a few hours, at most.

I suffered from depression because I shut down my feelings.  Once I learned the value of my emotions, then I became willing to let them in, so I could feel them and release them.

Once I started letting the feelings flow through me, instead of trying to push them away, my life changed for the better.

I started to feel more alive.  I started to feel good.  I started to feel.

And that’s the main thing – I allowed myself to feel whatever came up.

Because if I block the flow, like society and everybody in the world told me to do, then I start getting depressed.

I know it doesn’t seem that way.  It seems like emotions are the problem, not the solution.

If I’m in pain, why would I want more pain?  If I feel despair, why would I want more despair?  Why would I want more hopelessness?  More darkness?

And I would say, when you are feeling – truly FEELING – then you are allowing a flow.  The emotions flow through you, and you feel more alive.  Even if what you’re feeling is utter despair.

When you FEEL despair, it moves through you.  When you block the feelings, then you get stuck in a ‘state’ of despair.  You get stuck in a static state.

Nothing moves.

Then, life gets heavy and miserable and dark and you end up suffering from depression.

That’s my experience.

If you want to heal, you gotta be willing to feel.

There is no way around it.

If you’re willing to try something new, then I urge you to sign up for my free information – I’ve got a few e-books, and a few meditation audios that just might help.

Just sign up below, and I’ll be waiting on the other side with some free help.

all the best,




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