Anyone Lose Weight On Effexor?

Anyone Lose Weight On EffexorIt’s not uncommon for anyone to lose weight when they first start taking Effexor.

But usually within a month or so that weight loss trend is reversed and the weight starts piling on.

Over time, you’re much more likely to gain weight rather than lose it. Of course everyone is different.

Both weight gain and weight loss are listed as two of the many hundreds of side effects from taking Effexor.

If you’ve been taking Effexor for at least a few months, and you’re still losing weight (or even maintaining your present weight) then you can certainly consider yourself lucky. (If that term can even be applied to anyone who takes Effexor long-term…)

One basic problem with Effexor is that people turn to it as a first resort rather than a last resort. I believe antidepressants should only be used when the pain has truly reached life-threatening proportion… but all too often it’s become a lifestyle choice to take Effexor – as a way to avoid dealing with the day-to-day ups and downs of life.

Effexor has the potential to create serious problems in those who choose to take it. It has some of the most severe withdrawal symptoms of any antidepressant.

  • Over three-fourths of Effexor users will experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • Effexor – with a half-life of about five hours – can cause withdrawal symptoms from missing a single dose.

Effexor never gets to the root of any problem. It can only mask symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc. But eventually those symptoms will find a way to express themselves. It’s only a matter of time.

And long-term use of antidepressants – including Effexor – has rarely been studied.

In addition to learning about whether anyone loses weight while on Effexor, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead someone to need such information in the first place.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

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