Building Your Personal Value

Everyone seeks value.

Everyone wants to become more valuable, and yet we go about it in many different ways. The one common thread in most of this seeking of value is that we look outside of ourselves to find it.

As you will see, this is not the place to look.

What is personal value?

I’m not talking about your value system. That refers to the intangible qualities such as goodness, truth and beauty that you hold so dear.

No, that is what you value, but it has very little to do with your own personal value.

Many people look to their possessions to give themselves value.

The money in the bank, the nice home, the fancy car, even the clothes they wear. Again, this has nothing to do with personal value. Physical objects do not have the power to convey value, even though everything you have in this world is based upon your personal value.


Others look to their accomplishments.

What they have done, and what they plan on doing in the future. While it is true that everything you accomplish in this world is based upon how you value yourself, the reverse is not true.

Your accomplishments do not make you valuable; rather they give you a way to express the value you already have.

Some look to struggle.

Many people look to ‘struggle’ to give their lives meaning and significance.“If I struggle, somehow that will make me more valuable.” Hardship only creates more hardship, and it can never increase your value.

Value is created internally.

There is nothing ‘in the world’ you can do to make yourself more valuable. You can’t buy it. You can’t steal it. You can’t manipulate it out of others.

Personal value is not an item of exchange. It’s your birthright! And it is only created inside of you.

On the most fundamental level, value comes from knowing you are loved by your Creator. Knowing you are loved creates value. The more you allow yourself to be loved, the more value you feel.

Personal value is also based upon seven different and very unique qualities.By understanding and working with each one separately, you will be laying the foundation for greater personal value.

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