Embrace Your Self-Love

Love is not optional.

You must have some love, just to survive. A complete absence of love is a death sentence.

You will always seek more love. Either in a positive way, by opening up to the love that is already there, or in a negative way by attempting to manipulate or control others.

Many people think love is a function of outside validation, and thus try to extract it from others in the same way they seek false esteem.

While you can certainly be loved by others, you must first love yourself.

The fourth step to building your personal value is to receive your self-love.

To get esteem, which is the love you earn from yourself, you have to go out and slay a dragon. That dragon may be your own fear and ignorance, or your pride and arrogance, for example.

But with self love, there is no dragon to slay. There is no monster to attack. In fact, there is nothing to do. You just have to recieve the love that is already there.

Love is like oxygen. We’re surrounded by it, just like the atmosphere.

You can’t escape love.

You can only build a wall around yourself to keep it out. It becomes like a submarine in the ocean depths.

The problem is we so often judge ourselves unworthy, undeserving, and not good enough for love. Another problem for many is to deny their own love as a way to punish themselves.


Also, love is often defined as hurt, and who wants more pain?

You have very well defined beliefs that govern and rule exactly how much love you will allow yourself to receive.

Like a prison guard, you dole out your love to yourself. You have a ‘ration of love’.

Whether it’s out of undeservability or self punishment, the way to greater self love is to be willing. What you have in life is caused by your willingness. The reason we so often get what we think we deserve is because that is all we are willing to let ourselves have.

It’s the willingness that can bring you anything you want.

Don’t play the losing game of trying to convince yourself that you deserve love. Instead, just be willing! If you try to argue for your deservability, you can always come up with some very good reasons why you don’t deserve.

But what if you were willing instead? There’s no way to argue with that! What can you possibly say to yourself?

Your willingness opens the door to what you want. It doesn’t guarantee anything; it just allows the possibility of it happening.

Why not be willing to have more self love?

Denial of love is often done as punishment for offenses you may or may not have even committed. These are events of the past that you have determined were bad and wrong, and for which you must be punished.

You may want to look at these events and decide whether or not you have suffered enough.

Remember, you already have self-love. The problem is you may have locked it away from yourself, thinking you have a limited supply that must be guarded, even from yourself. That’s how precious it is!

It’s time to open the floodgates of love.

The intrinsic value of love is that it’s a lubricant and a pathway to allow greater success, greater happiness and greater contentment in your life.

Empower Your Self-Confidence

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