Empower Your Self-Confidence

Confidence builds the life you want.

You can have whatever you want with self confidence. You’ll go just as far in life as your self confidence will allow. To a large extent, your life isa reflection of your confidence.

The fifth step to building your personal value is to start building your self confidence.

With confidence, you can seize the moment and take advantage of opportunities that come your way. With confidence, your dreams and visions can become real. With confidence, you can live the life you want.

Having self confidence is a matter of choice.

You must lie to yourself to not have confidence. When self-love and self-worth are lacking, you can always blame your childhood. (It will never getyou anywhere, but at least you can do it.)

But with self-esteem and self-confidence, you can’t blame anybody but yourself, because they are both a function of the choices you make, not your past problems.

Lack of confidence is a payoff.

Lack of confidence is always a matter of choice. You have to choose to not have confidence.

The reasons behind it are not very pretty. Many people simply want to feel sorry for themselves, and lack of confidence is a very effective way to do that.

Some like to pretend they are weak so they can manipulate others. Some want to punish themselves. And many want to prove to the world they really did have a rotten childhood.

The good news is you can always change. Not only do confident people make confident choices, but the reverse is also true.

Making confident choices will make youa confident person.

It’s never too late to change. Simply by looking at and paying attention to the choices you make will lead you to greater self confidence.

Another way to increase your confidence is to work with the four components that make up your self confidence.

Trust is one component of self confidence.

Like esteem, a big part of confidence is trusting yourself, knowing you can cope with whatever life throws at you. To have confidence, you must learn to trust yourself. This topic is covered in-depth in the e-book, “How to Create Your Own Reality”.

Courage is another component of self confidence.

Courage is not being fearless. Courage is admitting your fears. It’s stupid to deny your fears – that’s the way of the coward.

Confident people are aware of their fears. Confident people admit their fears and act in spite of them. Cowards deny their fears and don’t act because of the very fears they deny.

It takes courage to admit your fears, and even more courage to stand up to those fears.

‘Letting things be different’ is a component of self confidence.

Confidence is also knowing that whatever happened in the past, it can all be different now. Just because you failed before doesn’t mean you will fail this time.

It takes very little confidence to relive the past. It takes more confidence to create a bright future where none existed before.

It takes confidence, and it builds confidence, to let things be different now, especially when the past was not the way you wanted it.

The fourth component of self confidence is hope.

Hope is a combination of expectation and anticipation. Expectation is what you honestly expect to happen – not what you want to happen or wish would happen.

Anticipation is what you plan on doing as a reaction or response to what you expect. Hope is a very real and very essential part of self confidence.

Own Your Self-Respect


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