Food For Depression

Food For DepressionIf you’re looking to find a food for depression then these two may hold the most promise.

Perhaps you’ve read the somewhat-famous study from 2005, published in Biological Psychiatry, which determined two food substances, omega 3 fatty acids and uridine, when combined, produced as much depression-fighting benefit as three popular antidepressants.

Here’s the rest of the story:

Rats were thrown into a tub of water, and timed to see how long they fought to keep from drowning. Rats drugged with citalopram, desipramine, and fluoxetine struggled longer to survive than ‘normal’ non-drugged rats.

When the rats were fed a diet of omega 3 fatty acids for thirty days, they also struggled longer. Likewise when they were injected with uridine, a naturally occurring nucleoside found in various foods.

However, the greatest benefit was achieved when both the omega 3 and the uridine were supplemented together.

What does this mean for you?

If you accept the premise that the will to survive equals the freedom from depression, then you might consider supplementing your diet with the best sources of omega 3 and uridine.

Omega 3 natural food sources: Flaxseed oil, walnuts, and wild salmon.

Uridine natural food sources: Sugar beets, molasses made from sugar beets, and breast milk.

So, what’s up with the picture of the apples at the top of the page?

Well, you didn’t want me to have a picture of breast milk, did you? Or did you? Oh well.

depression food


So there you have it, the best food for depression. Of course, you could also take omega 3 supplements. I don’t know of any supplements that contain uridine. Yet.


Here’s another way to handle depression:


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