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Just a note of thanks!


Your article on burdens and resisting change were right on the mark for me. Of course for a while I have been getting your newsletter and a lot of information has been right. Thanks for your efforts and the time spent exploring your feelings so that we can get in touch with ours.

by Margie On Thu Mar 13 10:44:30 2008


Finally someone that knows what I’m going through. I lost a friend this holiday season. He left. I cried.

Now I am beginning to marshall the strength to get out of bed, makes some breakfast and grab life by the horns once more.

by Sarge On Wed Dec 26 09:19:51 2007

EFT and Quantum Touch

Read your comment on tapping today, Mark. I’m glad you’re using it, whatever way works for you. I took a course in Acupressure last winter and part of it was tapping. I find it works well for a number of issues, but it often takes some time to actually get to the root of things. I’m also interested in the Quantum Touch techniques, and am considering buying the DVD course and working with some like-minded friends.

I admire you so much for the work you’ve done and the commitment you’ve shown. I’ve been off Paxil for six months now, after a pretty unpleasant withdrawal period (even though I went very slowly), and doing quite well using tapping, visualization, etc.

Thanks again for all you do … wishing you all the warmth and wonder of the holiday season! You da greatest, dude!

Trail, BC, Canada On Fri Dec 22 22:34:22 2006

Are there any good meds?

I have been suffering from depression, anxiety, anger, irritability for about 9 years. I have been prescribed Paxil, Celexa, Effexor, Wellbutrin and a few others. I could never get past the initial side effects – naseau, sweats, shaking, inability to sleep (or to stop sleeping).

My depression, anxiety and anger symptoms have recently become much worse again now that I am dealing with an ADHD/ODD/OCD child and a chronically ill husband. My husband suggested seeing my doctor about meds. I was nervous to begin with, but am now terrified after reading this site. My doctor has prescribed Paxil which I started yesterday. Any advice? Help!

by Suzanne On Thu Nov 30 23:05:22 2006

(Antidepressants are not vitamin supplements. They’re powerful mood altering drugs that I believe should only be taken as a LAST RESORT, and only for a short time. To give the user – hopefully – some breathing room to get their life together. Taking them just to help you cope with day-to-day life may turn out to be a mistake. Eventually you’ll have to face what you’re now avoiding. That’s my opinion. – Mark)

Just had to say thanks!

This is such a wonderful sight… just wanted to say thanks for that!

If I weren’t feeling so LOUSY from the withdrawals of Tramadol and Cymbalta I would definitely spend a little more time… but I promise I will be back! I have to go get through this horrible feeling for a while longer…

see you again soon!

by hjw On Fri Nov 24 18:11:51 2006

drug side effects

I have been on various anti-depressants for the past 10 years and initially, Zoloft helped me get on track with my life and I will always be grateful for that. Recently, I decided I wanted to do something about the sexual side effects so the doctor suggested Celexa. It didn’t change anything and since I was also on Welbutrin and Lamictal, I decided to get off Celexa. (Who needs three meds? I can’t believe I allowed this to happen!)

The withdrawal from Celexa lasted for two months and was hell. My skin was crawling, my thoughts jumped all over, and I felt “electric” shocks in my brain dozens of times a day with a “zzmm, zzmm” sound. Drove me crazy. FInally, got over that. Now, this fall I have had significant memory problems — short term, long-term, and also mental confusion. I took an Alzheimer’s test on-line and was convinced that I had an early onset version of this. Something made me look up Lamictal on the web. I couldn’t believe what I was reading: over half the people on one consumer site spoke of memory trouble, difficulty speaking and coming up with common words (this is happening to me and it is really scary), mental confusion, etc.

I am in therapy and my lack of memory has been my major concern for months. Could it be that Lamictal is causing this? If so, I am pretty mad. Lamictal was prescribed because my psychiatrist thought I might be bi-polar. My profile doesn’t really fit and if Lamictal truly is the cause of the mental confusion, what a bum deal. It has affected my job and some of my relationships.

Interestingly, the drug company website cites memory loss as occurring in 1% of the population. Who protects against this? The doctors don’t know — they just take the drug company’s word. After these two experiences, I am extremely skeptical about medication. Before you take anything, do research on it outside of what the pharmaceutical companies say.

by Kris On Mon Nov 13 22:15:09 2006

giving in to self pity of others

I recently had an enlightenment about my father who lives in self pity and martyrdom.

I remember being a little girl always trying to do things to help him feel better, give him self made cards, draw pictures, leave him notes around the house about how I love him. Over time, I became used to it and didn’t even realize it was self pity. I became used to serving it.

I “fell in love” with a man who lives in self pity, until one day I decided to end our relationship because of it. I felt helpless to it, but again, I didn’t recognize this self pity because at this point I was so used to serving it. When I filed for divorce I thought I was free, but was then bomarded and harassed by my ex-husband’s self pity. I had to move away and leave without a way for him to reach me, to get away from it.

He then brought his self pity to my parents and my mother fell for it like she fell for my father’s. I stood my ground and stood away. Knowing he was carrying on a relationship with my parents using self pity to manipulate them, I went into a deep depression, feeling as if nothing I do, am or live for matters.

I realized that I was living for the happiness of others and nothing I do matters, their self pity is always there, no matter how hard I try, it remains. It is not so much the self pity I have a hard time dealing with, it was my fathers expectation put on me to fix it for him.

He expects me to make it better for him, and I didn’t know that it wasn’t my responsibility as a little girl and as an adult had become controlled by the self pity of others, looking to make a difference and make things better for them. I feel so free from this awareness and happy to read about self pity on this site.

I had no idea that the self pity of my father had been controlling me the way it was. I was so used to doing things for my father who lives in self pity, It was natural for me to think that this was love.

Self pity is not love, it is self pity. It’s hard for me to realize, but my father didn’t really love me, he loved the idea of me, helping him get out of his self pity. I always felt something was missing and it was his ability to love me that was missing. I am letting go of my fathers self pity holding me hostage, always feeling responsible for it. I am letting go to be free.

by Diane On Sat Nov 11 17:51:26 2006


is depression to be considered an ongoing illness?

by marthalina robles On Tue Nov 07 12:55:04 2006

(Depends on who you talk to. – Mark)

withdrawal symptoms

Has anyone experienced the sensation of electrical impulses bombarding your frontal lobes and forehead?It is a god-awful experience and does not let up!!!!!and I can’t at this moment find any relief.

by dave On Fri Nov 03 21:59:20 2006




by AMY On Wed Nov 01 17:06:26 2006

prozac / topamax

I am Dx with generalized anxiety disorder and bulimia. My MD is putting me on prozac and topamax. Anyone have any experiences with topamax? Any info would be appriciated!

by michelle On Tue Oct 24 20:07:27 2006


effexor drove me out of my mind. Paxil I couldn’t take Celexa was better than the others. I am presently on amitripteline and have been for 37 days and getting some relief. I fully agree with what I have read so far, the part that says we part that says we can go get over this condition without medication. I woke wondering what made me depressed in the first place. I will try very hard to get better. I am slowly going to get off amitripteline by my self without talking to me doctor as I have done before. It seems I get this once every ten years. I am 72 as of yesterday. Don’t want depression back. LUCKY I FOUND YOUR SITE

by Rod On Wed Oct 18 15:25:18 2006

weight loss? anyone

Finally after 6 years im off paxil!!!! I loove it. I went cold turkey on aug 8 with the help of prozac instead, and am now off prozac. only had a couple hard days (nitemares, shocks, dizziness etc..) but now its mostly gone. MY QUESTION TO ANYONE OUT THERE………Will i lose the 30 lbs ive gained in the last 6 years? Actually, more like 40. Life is great! I laugh really really hard again, i cry at commercials and songs on the radio again, i get really snappy at people sometimes like i used to…..Im me again! and theres nothing wrong with that! Drugs are bad!!! bad!!! just be yourself and pray if you need help! just be happy. Thats all i got. But has anyone lost weight immediately stopping the pax? Please let my fat ass know…

by jenny On Fri Sep 15 18:42:47 2006

alcohol and ssris

As stated above I am trying to get of meds. because they caused alcololism and an eating disorder in me. While serching the web I found a warning put out in, believe it or not, 1994 that anti depressents can cause a very strong craving for alcohol in people. This problem shows up over and over again in posts so I am definitely not alone.

It would come over me right after I took the pill, and wear off as the day went on. Off the meds I stop drinking immediatly, have no desire to. Told my doc. who just rolled her eyes and refused to look at the fda report I took to show her.

If this has been documented since 1994 why is it not known to doctors, or even worse,is it.? Do you know, Mark, or does anyone else know how to deal with this?

Thanks again, and good luck to anyone else trying to get off ssri medications

by sarah On Thu Sep 21 12:35:06 2006

“Creating Your Reality “- Feedback

Hello Mark,

Here are only some of the reasons why your publication is remarkable:

The cost is extremely reasonable for what you get. It is practical.It is straight forward but not too simple.It works.The meditations bypass the conscious, conceptual mind and handle the pesky resistance we all have. It is a unique perspective. You understand the process of emotional healing intimately.

I have read hundreds of books and bought dozens and dozens of self help products.

How else can I say thank you for helping me get my life back?

Even a little movement forward is a huge thing in emotional healing.

Thanks again. I am very grateful for your site and product.

I would say to someone considering the purchase – If you’ve come to this page, you’re ready to release what’s holding you back.

Helen DN
Toronto, Canada

by Helen On Wed Sep 20 15:42:53 2006

Feedback – How to Create Your Own Reality

Hello Mark Myhre,

I have to say I have purchased dozens of self help e-books and products.

Your product is immediately helpful, especially with releasing unresourceful emotions.

Right from page 1, you get it and you offer helpful, simple tools. It is what so many of us are looking for.

Thank you so much for this excellent product, I cannot wait to continue with these brilliant meditations.

Helen DN
Toronto, Canada

by Helen On Mon Sep 18 17:47:00 2006

chest tightness

Hey guys. Man, do I feel for all of us. I’ve been on anti-Ds for about 3.5 years now. I’ve been on Lexapro, Risperdal, Welbutrin and Effexor. Well, all I’m on now is 37.5mg of Effexor about every 36 hours but it is hard.

I get the brain zaps but have heard that Benadryl is good for those. The worst for me is that I have a dry cough and tightness in my chest that is keeping me from excercising…something important for dealing with depression.

I’ve taken anti-biotics for it and am on Prednisone now but I’m almost sure it’s the Effexor now. Not sure how I will get through this or if I will ever be able to breath normally again. Also feeling very emotional as well. I can deal with that.

by glorth2 On Mon Sep 18 15:50:58 2006

ativan and celexa


Last year I began having panic attacks where most of them sent me to the hospital. I remmember the first on distinctly, my heart raced, my throat constricted, my chest was sore and all the rest….I thought I was having a heart attack! I am a 58 year old male who was in relative good health…..The hospital sent me home and said their was nothing really the matter with me.

After having several attacks my doctor put me on Ativan which eased the attacks but the side effects are worse than the attacks..I’m totally exausted, I could sleep in all day if I didn’t have to work.

I get muscle cramps, dizzy spells to name a few. To top it off I’m now on celaxa which is even worse because he thinks I’m somewhat depressed…Yikes!…These drugs are supposed to make me feel better, but I can honestly say I feel worse…I just want my life back….the Ativan has me hooked and if I don’t take it I feel worse. Has anyone else experienced what I ‘m going thru. Comments would be appreciated.


by gus On Sun Sep 17 18:42:27 2006

please help me

I have just read your comments regarding Paxil withdrawal. I am a 40 year old mother of two whose spouse is away for more than half of the year in order to work. I have been on gammet of drugs for depression. 9 years ago I ended up in emerg not being able to breathe, couldn’t walk without help, teary eyed no focus… this familiar list goes on.

The head of psychiatry came to assess me(she was on call) put me on Serzone, told me it would take about six months and I would be free and clear. I started to see her for sessions which I found did nothing for me at all. Serzone caused me to have ulcers, drop weight and be confused.

Zoloft was next- I shook so much I could not read a simple book to my children as I couldn’t see the words.. Next came celexa-a soft drug I was told. When it was no longer effective a therapist put me on Prozac(the psychiatrist had moved offices and by the time I found her she said I needed to be re-referred.)Prozac cause headaches to the point I thought my head would explode and just breathing hurt.

Then came the wonder drug. The new SOFT drug, the one I could take for a limited time and have no effects when I stopped it. That damned Paxil. I am a former nurse and I follow doctors orders-after all you go to them for a reason- i took my dose regularily. I had cause to miss two days and felt this overwhelming nausea, dissiness, my eyes were -its so hard to describe-like they constantly had to catch up with the movement of my head.

I could hear my eyes moving inside my closed eyelids when trying to go to sleep. I decided that if this is what the wonder drug was doing after two missed doses then I didn’t want it in my system.. The wonderful family doctor I am blessed to have started weening me off the drug. At 15 mg I quit cold turkey.

That was 5 days ago. Oh MY LORD. I can hear my eyes moving behind closed lids when tyring to go to sleep. If there was a fog in my house instead of outside it would be more appropriate. I am walking around in a fog. Cognatively I fuction well, and I have a very sick parent in another part of the country so my sometimes short fuse is-I think_ more related to that .

My eyes lag behind my head movement the nausa of day three was almost unbearable. And now I have shat I suspect is a viral sinus infection on top of it. PLEASE tell me how you folks coped with these symptoms. Did you allow yourself to drive your car? How did you function in the home.. I am doing ok at the very present but when I go to get up from this computer it’s anybody’s gueess. Oh God now I’m weepy. I hate that part

Thank you for your thoughts, for this site and for giving me a place to go.


by cmw On Sun Sep 17 12:01:46 2006

Off Effexor…Cold Turkey. Hello again to Paxil.

With my doctor’s approval I have decided to switch back to Paxil, which I took for a long time with zero problems, from Effexor which I’ve been taking about 6 months. When I started taking Effexor we started at 37.5mg, after 3 weeks of not being able to function went up to 150, then after a few more weeks of things not going well, went to 150mgs plus 20mgs of Paxil.

Then things got a little better. Just a little…but bearable. Over time, less bearable though, I became more depressed again and experienced periods of feeling agressive (totally against my nature) and downright mean, honestly. Sooo…trip to my doctor Monday and today, Wednesday, is my second day off of Effexor (she would have preferred I taper off, but I don’t want to drag it out and I have her hesitant support to go ‘Cold Turkey’ if I promise to take some if it becomes unbearable) and back to my old Paxil dose of 40mgs. It hasn’t been hard, but I attribute that to the Paxil helping. I’ve had some dizziness, some of what I call ‘shudders’ but others call ‘zaps’ or things like that (and it is NOT dizziness) and some moodiness but I think I can survive it if it doesn’t last too horribly long.

I’ve talked to other people since then who have said that Effexor also made them feel more agressive and ‘turned them into a different person who they didn’t like at all’and I’m thinking that this medication just might need more study, or that the doctors prescribing it need to learn more about it, since it’s actually a SSDRI but the dopamine receptor effect doesn’t start until around 300mg a day and a lot of people don’t get to that dose, or like me, Refuse to take that much of it because of how it makes us feel.

These are just my opinions, but since I’m in my second Zero-Effexor day, I’m speaking from the trenches of getting it out of my system.

by Cee On Wed Sep 13 16:24:06 2006

Effexor XR withdrawals

I was on Lexapro 20 MG for about 4 years, when i recently went to my Dr.and he decided that lexapro was no longer working for me so he prescribed a starter pack of effexor xr. I was only on the 75 mg for a month when i told him this not working. “Oh well this is the latest and greatest.”

I think what is happening and that is that these pharm. reps are pushing this med. b/c it is supposed to ease your deppression and take away your anxiety in one pill. So he told me to quit taking effexor one day and start prozac 3 or 4 days later.

Let me tell you this has been a very rough week for me with a trip to the E.R. and missing a day of work b/c these symptoms are god awful. I have vertigo from the time i wake up until i go to bed. Not to mention the flu like symptoms, the zaps in my head and up and down my legs, the body aches, joint pain, heart palpatations, nausea, lethargy, severe headaches, and no appettite,where do the symptoms end? the chills,hot flashes,sweating ,nightmares, eyepain,irritable, and where do i stop.

If it wasnt for this forum i think i would have committed myself already. Do you want to know what my doc. thinks these symptoms are from, anxiety. I realize i wasnt on it that long but i dont think it matters how long you take it your destined to have some horrible withdrawals.

unfortunatelty my wife and i are in no position for me to miss any work which makes it very hard b/c i am a plumber and i am driving around to different houses for service calls having to put on a smiling face and act like nothing is wrong.

My doctor did give me a prescription of xanax but that only does so much. why do these docs.not tell us this info before we start taking. Well i have done enough venting for now i appologize for the spelling and typos and hope this is over real soon so i can get back to my normal self and make my wife and kids happy.

by Jason On Sat Sep 02 01:33:34 2006

Inspiring Messages of Hope and Support

What about the family members!

I was hoping that you would have included a section where family members could find support and guidance. After all we are, most of the time, on the receiving end of the mood swings, the rage, the panic attacks and the other by products. May be there is some other prescription drug for us to take so we can raise our tollerance level and survive the withdrawal?

by John On Sun Aug 27 22:32:44 2006






by Glory On Thu Aug 24 02:07:03 2006

Withdrawal from Anti-Depressants

When I was 18, I had a dramatic break-up and I didnt want my anxiety to get in the way of my college studies so my doctor put me on ZOLOFT. She told me “This drug will teach your brain how to produce certain chemicals you are lacking” I asked her if it was addictive, and she said “you will only need to take it for 6 months”. By the time I was 21 my dosage had more than doubled.. my fiance left me because I just had no desire to be affectionate. Aside from that, I had gained 20lbs, and had this sort of dumbness all the time…

I went to a new doctor for help and was given EFFEXOR. I had the same side effects.. no sex drive, numb to emotions, and had to stay on a strict diet in order to keep myself from gaining more..

In April 2006 (I was 22 by then) I was fed up with feeling this way and took a month’s worth of my EFFEXOR meds and about 20 gravol, wich was chased by a bottle of rum. I was found a day later in my own vomit which alot looked to have been eaten by my dog ( the only one who has stuck by me completly..and i couldve killed her). my friend took me to the hospital.. only to be told my one nurse to “stop feeling sorry for myself, and get my act together” and another sweet nurse telling me how i was a “waste of tax-payers money”

My doctor put me on PAXIL after this. Now I dont know if it was the paxil or the stress, but ever since April I vomitted daily, my coworkers would tease me that I was pregnant, because shortly after arriving at work, the could hear me vommiting violently in the bathroom. I gained another 7 lbs and have been more depressed than ever before. 3 weeks ago I was put on Short term disability because I can no longer carry out the normal daily functions (eating, bathing, driving) last week when I saw my doctor and told him I thought PAXIL was doing more hard than good, he raised me from 20mg-40mg, and wrote me a prescription for WELBUTRIN to counteract with the PAXIL. I never filled them. On Aug 18th I didn’t take my PAXIL, and every other day since.

As far as the physicall symptoms, I’ve experienced the following: Dizzy, easily confused, feeling like I’m in a dream-like state when I’m awake. Migranes, diahrea, vivid & morbid nightmares, constant throbbing throughout my body that I can Feel and Hear..

Yesterday, Aug 22nd was when I really started to feel the emotional stuff. Commercials are making me cry! Emotional pain from the past is resurfacing as if the events occured yesterday. Today I cried for almost 3 hours straight and seriously contemplated another overdose attempt. I even went as far as to research how to do it withought fail. My friends have tried so hard to encourage me through this.. but I dont even feel like talking to them about it, cause really.. what can they say thats going to change how you feel? Whats important is that they are trying, and it gives this whole sh*t experience more meaning.

What helped me get the idea of suicide out of my head tonight was 1- my dog as usual (its amazing how much our pets can really know just when we need the extra love from them..) and 2- This website along with

I wrote this post in Hopes of making this hellish experience have more meaning. The stories from everyone should be a constant reminder to all of us, that we’re not nuts or alone.. thousands of people are having to pick up the pieces of their life because of one of these anti-depressants that totally reprogrammed our minds, and in such a terrible way.

I feel like I’ve lost 5 years of my life, and I know I have alot of work ahead of me if I want to survive this, and finally live life the way we should.

Don’t Any of you Give Up!

by Chrissie M On Thu Aug 24 01:40:31 2006


I read your letter and couldn’t agree with you more. I had taken this pill from hell for a year and a half. Decided to go off because I felt it just wasn’t working anymore. I have been on other anti-depresants for the past 10 years, they all eventually stopped working, lexapro, buspar.

My Dr. started taking me off effexor slowly since March. I have been off it totally since July 1 and its been the worst 6 weeks of my life. Vertigo, flu like symptoms, crying spells, hot flashes, head zaps. and so on and so on.

I have been on the site where people have written their comments. How these so-called doctors should take this pill and then try to go off it and let them see how it feels, it feels like crap. excuse the lanquage but its the only word that applies. My question to you is are you O.K. now? since its been 6 weeks for me since I have been off this pill, can I be optomistic that the end of the withdrawal is nearing.

Nobody on the site mentions how long it took them to feel good again. I need help I am at my wits end. My symptoms have been improving, but not quick enough for me. How are you feeling now. I notice your article was from May 7th. Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help, Sue

On Mon Aug 14 16:30:06 2006

Self Pity

Thanks ………….. an eye opener to ones own unconcious behaviour ……….. which at times becomes a ‘habit’. thanks again.

by Pooja On Mon Aug 14 13:09:31 2006

(Referring to this article on self pity. – Mark)

Beginning withdrawal symptoms

After being on several anti-depressants since 1980 for severe anxiety attacks, I’ve begun withdrawal (every other day, then twice a week for two weeks, then once a week for two week, then none). I’m finding my thinking is foggy, I itch everywhere (driving me nuts), and I’m scared…at 80 years.

I’m spunky and active, but I need anyone’s suggestions or help. I’m also following the ROAD BACK suggestions and taking barley, omega 3, and cherry juice, supposedly to help withdrawal symptons.

Please write if you think you might help.rbb1501(AT) I need support, please.

Got to do it…..

by Rogene On Sat Aug 12 15:17:21 2006

Prozac comments


Okay, I’ve been taking Prozac for about 6 years now, yes, 6 years. Chronic depression runs in my family and I somehow suppressed it for the first 30 years of my life.

At 29 my hormones changed and bam, I didn’t leave my house for three weeks, ate only popcorn, slept during the day, watched old movies all night and cried about how horrible my life was compared to those perfect Hollywood love stories.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had been in counseling, therapy, hypnosis, read every book, meditation, etc, etc, etc, for over 15 years to try and escape the fate of my other family members’ emotional paths, but when my chemistry changed, I was so low I could barely breathe, and I am not exaggerating, it actually hurt physically to breath my pain was so great.

The only thing that kept me from pulling the plug was the awful pain I knew my sister and best friend would feel if I committed suicide. Thank god for guilt at a time like that. Anyway, I had a good friend basically scream in face and order me to the doctor for some anti-depressants. I showed up, having, prior to this moment, hated people who took anti-depressants, they were “cop-outs, weak, didn’t want to face their issues.”

I had no control over my body and I sobbed to a perfect stranger, the doctor, “I can’t stop sobbing.” “It’s sounds like you have a Vitamin P deficiency,” he joked.

No smile on my end, but I yielded, but made it clear that I would only take a minimal dosage, only enough so I wouldn’t kill myself. 20 milligrams and let me tell you it saved my life.

I did try to switch to some other types, Celexa and Lexapro and had terrible, terrible side-effects so always went back to Prozac. I have tried over the past 6 years to wean myself off, but always felt myself slip back into that pit of a total un-functioning blob of black-death-jelly. About two months ago I started running low on my prescription, and not having insurance, I have a difficult time getting new prescriptions without paying an arm and a leg.

I decided I would try to kick the P again. I started taking them every 36 hours instead of every 24, then every 48, then once every three days, until I ran out of my current supply.

It’s been a month and a half now, and I think I might make it. I do have back up now if I need it, but it’s only in case of emergency (getting suicidal again).

I am very very sensitive, scared to death, have had some crying bouts, sometimes can’t move for a few hours, but I have been able to pull myself up and force myself to physically move, even if it’s just to use the bathroom. I joined this site for tips and words of wisdom and possible inspiration, and I can’t believe it, but I got it.

Mark, your most recent mailing, anchoring, hit me hard. I have been moving around my whole life. I have never lived anywhere more than 2-3 years since I was 3 years old (long story).

As much as I could blame my parents for the constant relocation, I have been perpetuating it for the last decade.

I had an epiphany a few months ago, that I try to anchor, yes I used the word “anchor,” to any man who will have me. I have been asking myself, “Why do I do this?” “What am I trying to replace/fill/satisfy?”

This mailing about anchors was like, “DUH!!!!!” I’m trying to anchor to ANYTHING for any period of time! Well, who better than myself, and that means no more moving! No matter how bored, confused, lonely I get, I have to stick it out.

I have to stay committed to ME, not to a man (ultimately yes, of course), but first I have to understand what it even means to be anchored.

The only thing I had was my depression. IT WAS THE ONLY CONSISTENT FACTOR IN MY LIFE!!!! Of course I would anchor to it, and then seek a rush (love/lust) to escape for a while. What else was there?!

So, now, I am decorating my home as if I own it and it’s going in a magazine; I am running every other day, NO MATTER WHAT; I am eating, getting up, going to sleep, at the same time(s) every day.

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, the beauty of monotony and routine, I can anchor to it if it’s a positive routine, and then I don’t need to throw out my anchor at any exciting activity, new city, new man, that comes my way.

Obviously, you can also tell that my excitement levels have gone up as well, in general I am a more feeling person now that my emotions are not being regulated chemically.

THANX SOOOOO MUCH MARK, for that anchoring mailing, your timing is impeccable. I love synchronicity!!!

Dani :)

On Wed Aug 09 18:41:16 2006

Zyprexa and now Paxil


I stop taking Zyprexa 5mg 2 months ago and I’m still experiencing a lot of insomnia, anxiety, agitation and my ocd symptoms has incresed to about 300%.

Do you know if I will ever be able to feel at least a bit better and do you have any idea how long it will take for me to feel at least a bit normal, do you have any suggestions about any drug free technique that may help me feel better???.

I have a total of 11 years taking Zyprexa and also Paxil 20mg. On another note I’m now on my 5th week of only taking 10mg of Paxil and I intent to reduce my doses every 6 weeks. My next reduction is to take 5mg of Paxil for another 6 week and the go down to 2.5mg.

My question is if you can send me website information about where can I purchase on line Paxil 2.5mg. Unfortunately Mexico only sells Paxil 20mg. I would really appreciate any help from you or anyone who can help me.


Sergio Ortega. On Wed Aug 09 17:55:12 2006

Zoloft/Effexor Withdrawal


I work at The Mental Health Association in Queensland, Australia. I recently got an inquiry from a lady wanting help for her withdrawal symptoms coming off effexor. This led me to your site!

Wow, I can not believe such a drug is in use. Do these companies have no conscience? I have recently also come off Zoloft and experinced 2-3 weeks of brain”zaps” and dizziness and severe mood swings, crying, anger towards my family(particualarly my husband who I kept thinking was going to divorce me soon). I now realise how severe my withdrawal was!

I am now feeling great! I have no leftover symptoms of the withdrawal and am determined to not go back on ANY anti-depressants again! Both myself and my husband are looking forward to having a sex life again! I know I have to work hard to continue to feel this way but it will be worth it.


by Christina On Tue Aug 08 20:48:35 2006

Head Zaps

This is not a comment, but a question…is there anything I can do to lessen the “head zaps” and dizziness while trying to wean myself off of the drug?

Will things like caffiene, or sugar make these symptoms better, or worse?

I feel like I am walking around in a dream and I cannot wake myself up. I hate this and I want to go back to being me…without head zaps and a constant “I’m here, but I’m not really here” kind of dream feeling. Does this make sense to anyone?

Please contact me at americandreams1984(AT) if you have any insight or words of wisdom.

Thank you for reading,

by Autumn On Mon Aug 07 20:59:06 2006

Antidepressants (multiple)


I’ve been on several different antidepressants in my life time due to my spouse being diagnosed as a manic depressant/bipolar. I have taken Paxil, prozac, lexapro and now zoloft.

The paxil stopped working on me after about 30 days so my doctor switched me over to Prozac. I believe that the prozac was much too strong of a med for me. It made me feel like I was numb emotionally and I felt like I did not care. I also feel like it let my children run all over top of me.

Then one day I slowly stopped taking it because I was walking through the parking lot where I work and someones bumper had a sticker on it that read

“I use to care now I take a pill for that”…

that really hit me hard and that is when I decided I no longer wanted to take Prozac. After about 2 years or so I decided that I still needed to take something for my depression so my doctor at the time put me on Lexapro because I told him I never wanted to take Prozac again. He had me on the max dose you can take and I felt it was not working for me. I was still having anxiety attacks and raging outbreaks.

I decided to find a new doctor and she then placed me on Zoloft. This med does help me out alot and I ran out of meds once for a couple of weeks and I don’t recall getting any “zaps” as others have called it. I only felt like I was losing control of my temper again.

I will most likely need to take some sort of antidepressant the rest of my life. That’s all I wanted to say. Thanks for listening to me.

by Toni On Thu Aug 03 10:46:10 2006

my sistyersd deprtession and benlafaxine


Didn’t find what I was looking for . thought side effects of esexorxl would be tiredness but its not! My sister who I beleive has been incorectley treated for a return to her depression here in South Wales Uk is also a diabetic. she has been treated for depression for some years and had been on a small dose of efexorxl after going on to the newc diabetic drug her depression returned to which the shrink conteracted by upping her intake of efexorxl.

I am sure the medication she was taking for that caused her depression to be triggered. the medication is metaformin. She is being diagnosed by a family doctor for the diabetise and a shrink for the deppression.

I encouraged her to come off the metaformin which she did her doctor knows and she is waiting the results of tests to see if a knew diabetic drug should be taken. In the mean time she goes back to the shrink and tells him she feeling tired and has just lost a best friend his knee jerk recaction is to up her dose of efexorxl she refused Oh well thanks anyway

by Terry On Thu Aug 03 07:09:23 2006

ME & Emotional Healing


Hi there

Whilst I work as a healer myself, I need this healing as much as anyone else does, Mark your techniques are great and thank you, I always look forward to your emails!

I am an energy healer in the UK trying to do some work with a few ME patients at the moment, using kinesiology techniques, chakra work, reiki and acupressure, and have noticed a certain ‘pattern’ among ME patients, most notably extreme supressed anger and the same over-stressed meridians, especially triple warmer. All the people I have seen have had pretty stressful lives prior to the ME.

I wonder if there is anyone out there with ME who has used Mark’s techniques and seen a physical improvement as a result. If so, it would really help me if you could email me with:

1) How long you had ME
2) What else had you tried to assist recovery (and what else you were using at the time)
3) Which of Mark’s techniques you found most helpful
4) How long did you use them for before you noticed physical benefits?

If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks a lot

by Lisa On Wed Aug 02 03:42:11 2006

(Lisa’s email address is lisa (AT) – just replace (AT) with @ -but then, you knew that! – Mark)


Is there any good anti-depressant news out there?


I was on Paxil then Paxil CR but I felt it stoppped working so I recently was put on Effexor. Started the week with 37 mg. then now taking 75. It’s not quite two weeks yet so I can’t say it’s doing much but I do feel a little less anxious. I really wanted to try Zoloft as I have a few friends who swear by it but the Nurse Practictioner suggested the Effexor as she said that leans towards Anxiety. But I have both Anxiety AND very bad depression. Now someone has sent me this comments page and it is scaring the heck out of me!!! Of course I would rather not take any meds at all but I can’t function if I hate to see the light of day and every day all day is a nightmare. Feeling sad, down, hopeless, only wanting to sleep, no appetite, no interest in life at all. SOMETHING HAS TO WORK!!!

I had at times attempted to get off Paxil (I was only on 40 mgs) and the only thing that happened is I got very hyper once staying awake and cleaning for about 36 hours (hah, not a bad thing) but no severe side effects.

So does anyone have ANY GOOD answers to our depression illness problem?????? englishrose4945(AT) (Bobbi, Pompano Beach , Florida)

On Sat Jul 29 10:28:15 2006

Oregon and my story


I appear to have pretty much the same story as you…I’m just not good enough. I was born and raised in Oregon..travelled away for many years and now am going back to retire and live a new story. I AM good enough ….I am NOT a failure. Thank you for the beautiful picture of the reminds me of home and of Sidartha……

by bobbi On Thu Jul 27 21:02:32 2006

(She’s referring to a post on the blog Emotional Times – Mark)


Prozac, depression, thyroid

I have been depressed for a long time, not severely, but enough to want to read or sleep all the time. My dr. gave me a trial pack of Zoloft, and that was okay. It was a low dose, but I didn’t feel much happier.

We then found out I have hypothyroidism, which can cause depression, fatigue, and a lot of other symptoms. I am now on medicine for that and feel quite a bit better. My doc switched me to prozac(? why?)and now I am tired again. Also can’t concentrate and forget everything!

I am going to see how I feel with just the thyroid hormone for a while.

A lot of drs won’t test for low thyroid unless you ask them to. I really feel this is the true cause of my depression and fatigue!

by Jane On Sat Jul 22 16:54:17 2006



by annette On Wed Jul 19 18:09:45 2006

dazed and confussed

I feeel really dizzy,jittery,confussed,my brain feels like its shaking. I’m trying to exercise and pray, drinking chamomille tea, trying anything to hurry the side effects.Hope I make it.

by annette On Tue Jul 18 02:09:23 2006

antidepressants and advice

Mark, I want to first thank you for this website. I think it is very kind of you to share your information with everyone. Many of the things you say has help be get out of some of my deepest, darkest moments.

But I also think that medication can also help. For some taking meds. can help clear the mind of some of your depression, so you can be open to hear helpful messages.

That is true in my case. I fought all last year with taking and not taking medicine, and suffered for it. Starting this year I decided to give the medicine a chance.

I have been taking Wellbutrin SR 150 mgs. and have notice an improvement. I don’t want to be on meds. forever, but for now I’ll just give it a little time till I feel stronger. To those who think that meds. can be helpful do not feel like you are weak….sometimes we need help. Good Luck to all and thank you again Mark.

May we all be Blessed with good mental health.

by Tina On Wed May 24 16:43:45 2006

In addition to reading this story of withdrawal, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead someone to such a painful place.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

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