Getting Off Of Effexor

Getting Off Of EffexorIf you’re interested in getting off of Effexor, it’s important to understand a few points:

The most important thing is to go slowly – to reduce the chance you’ll suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Effexor is notorious for creating severe withdrawal symptoms; sometimes for months. The slower you go, the less chance you’ll suffer.

Plus, there are specific nutrients you can use that have greatly helped others – when they were getting off of Effexor.

Some of these supplements can be purchased at your local health food store.




Some lucky souls experience no withdrawal pain at all.

But others aren’t so lucky. Some patients experience such extreme withdrawal they must open a capsule of Effexor – count out the granules – and take one less granule every day. The reason they don’t simply remove one granule is because not all capsules contain the same number of granules.

Those who go to all the time and hassle of counting those granules have usually learned the hard way about the potential pain of getting off of Effexor. Sadly, they didn’t know there was help for Effexor withdrawal.

Because once the pain of withdrawal starts – sometimes it’s hard to end it. Much better to take it slow to begin with and hopefully avoid the pain altogether.

The next consideration involves nutritional supplements. At the very least, you should be taking Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids – perhaps as fish oil capsules – before you start getting off of Effexor. And of course, during your withdrawal period.

Effexor causes unknown changes to your brain chemistry and mechanics. You don’t know – you can’t possibly know – what changes its made.

The more nutrition you provide to your brain – the better.

Other supplements to consider are Montmorency cherry juice and organic barley juice powder. You may also wish to talk to a nutritionist.

And of course – before attempting to get off of Effexor, consult your doctor.

In addition to reading about getting off of Effexor, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead someone to such a painful place.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

It’s such an important change that I’ve written a complete e-book about it. And I’d like to give you a copy for free. All you have to do is write your first name and primary email address into the space below, and you’ll be receiving a link to download the e-book right away.

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  1. This is very interesting, I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social

  2. I visited my doctor to see what I could do about getting off effexor – and she didn’t have much to say, except take it slowl. I don’t think I will ever be able to stop taking it. Theis is the worlst drug ever.

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