How Emotions Relate To Reality Creation

emotions and reality creationHere’s the connection between emotional healing and reality creation:


Imagine a snowmaker - a machine that makes snow and blows it out onto the side of a hill to create a ski-able slope – used at ski resorts when natural snow is lacking.


You put in the raw material (water) and out come tiny little snowflakes, shooting up in the air and gently falling to the earth to form a nice layer of snow.


Likewise, with reality creation:

You have your own version of a snow-making machine, and you could think of it as a ‘reality creation’ machine.

You start with your raw materials – thoughts, feelings, and the four others. You put all six of them into your reality creation machine.

Just like the snow maker – your little snowflakes of thoughts and feelings go through a certain process and eventually end up in the world around you.

Those little snowflakes of our thoughts and feelings go into our reality creation machine and then fall back down to earth and form the many shapes and sizes that we call our reality.

Emotions become reality. Emotions are the raw material; reality is the finished product.

If you put dirty water into your snow-maker, you’re going to end up with dirty snow. Guaranteed. It could be no other way. Start out with sweet spring water, however, and you’ll end up with sweet spring-water snow.

It’s just common sense. The more you clean up your raw materials the better your finished product will be. And emotions are a big part of the raw materials that produce the world around you – what you see, hear, taste, smell and feel.

Sure, all the other people around you have their own snow-makers, but so do you! …because it’s part of your God-given right as a human being that you get to create what happens to you.

The more you heal your emotions, the better your reality becomes.

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