The Quantum of Pain

Part Five – The Quantum of Pain

The pain you feel is not a random event.

Pain exists as a feedback mechanism. It lets you know how you’re doing in life. By accepting this statement, you’re taking one step closer to ending the pain.

I’d also like to say that in no way am I trying to oversimplify the very complex phenomenon of pain. Any particular pain can have multiple causes. I’m just trying to get to the very bottom of the pain; the root cause.

Working with the root cause is something you can do in addition to any other therapy or method or medication you may be taking.

Pain has a definite function and purpose; it’s not there just to make you miserable. A reason for the pain always exists. Your challenge is to find that reason.

However, if you believe like I once did, that life is a random series of events that no one can control, it sets the stage for a ‘victim’ consciousness.

A victim, by definition, lacks control over their environment because, “Life is a product of chance!” One billiard ball strikes another billiard ball, which strikes another billiard ball…

“It really is my mother’s fault!”

Even though it’s been scientifically proven – repeatedly – that thoughts (and other factors) create reality, few accept it. Even eighty years later, after the famous ‘double slit’ experiment of Quantum Physics proved that the thoughts of the scientists determined which slit the photon of light would pass through, very few people accept the findings.

Even many Quantum physicists believe we live in two worlds -one of cause and effect, and one of conscious reality creation. (And the latter exists only in the laboratory!)

The scientifically proven facts of conscious reality creation appear so complex. It’s so much easier to believe the cause and effect theory of Newtonian physics.

I’m not here to convince you the world is round. Any fool can see the world is flat. Just look around you!

But keep in mind, a world of cause and effect creates a world of victims. Everybody becomes a victim because no one has any control over what happens to them. Unfortunately, it also makes you constantly afraid – and constantly tired – to believe you exert no control.

You must constantly fight off an unfriendly and uncaring world, which makes you tired and afraid. And it practically insures you will experience physical pain.

If you perceive yourself to be out of control, you will be. Anyone can create an environment where it appears they have no control. And this lack of control always leads to physical pain of one sort or another.

Please understand, my intention is not to belittle anyone. I’ve spent over thirty years being the biggest victim in the world. (In fact, you could have looked in the dictionary under ‘victim’ and found a picture of me!)

In the depths of my pity, I would have lashed out at any suggestion that I was not a victim of circumstances. (Kind of like some of the letters I get now…)

I know pain – intimately. I know what it’s like to paint yourself into a corner, with no way out. I know what pain does to you. How it traps you. How it separates you.How it creates a state of desperation.

I’m not here to point a finger. I’m here to tell you things can change.

It becomes a matter of perception, which Quantum Physics tells us – is reality.

Perception is reality. What you perceive becomes what is real. Your observation makes it real.

You can create a world of victimhood, like I did – or you can create a world of conscious reality creation, like I do now. Both options exist.

Actually, being a victim is harder, because you must constantly remember the lie. As you become familiar with the ways of conscious reality creation, life becomes easierand easier.

It’s like riding a bike. It takes practice. You may take a spill or two. That doesn’t mean bicycles don’t work. It just means you need a little more practice.

How much practice have you had being a victim?

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