Lexapro Information

Lexapro Information 

For more information on Lexapro, click on any of the links below:

Lexapro Facts Here
Lexapro was marketed with three main claims. Here’s a closer look behind those claims.

Lexapro – Fresh Dope or False Hope?
Why Forrest Laboratories dropped Celexa and started pushing Lexapro.

Lexapro Side Effects Information
Lists the many side effects of Lexapro, and compares Lexapro side effects with those of Celexa.

The Lexapro Story
Learn the marketing story behind Lexapro – is it really the greatest antidepressant every marketed?

The Lexapro Withdrawal Page.
One of the very first Lexapro withdrawal stories ever posted on the web.

Lexapro Guide
Why the major medical journals can no longer be trusted to provide unbiased information.

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One thought on “Lexapro Information

  1. I agree with you articles on Lexapro – drug companies are the worst. They only care about making a profit and they will do whatever it takes. I was on Lexapro and I had horrible side effects and then I had a hard time getting off it. I was sick for a week. My doctor said it was not the Lexapro but I know it was.The doctors seem to go along with whatever the drug compaines tell them.

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