Celexa Information

Information On The Drug CelexaFor information on Celexa, click on any of the links below:

Celexa Curiosity
Doctors were paid to prescribe Celexa when it first came onto the market.

Celexa Side Effects
Here’s a list of the many side effects you may experience from taking Celexa.

Celexa And Anxiety
Your attitude makes a difference when taking Celexa for anxiety.

Experience With Celexa
User’s experience varies widely. Again, a lot depends on your attitude.

Extreme Celexa Weight Gain
There are two main reasons Celexa causes extreme weight gain.

Sexual Side Effects Celexa
About one third of Celexa users experience sexual side effects.

Discontinue Celexa Therapy
Here’s what to expect and also what supplements can help.

Withdrawal Problems With Celexa
Here’s a list of 34 potential withdrawal symptoms and a few supplements that may help.

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