Lexapro Guide

Lexapro GuideLexapro has been FDA approved for both depression and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Some people consider these to be real medical conditions like diabetes or asthma.

Since science has not yet evolved to the point where lesions or biomarkers have been found in the human brain, the entire foundation that biopsychiatry rests upon is still fraught with controversy.

And if you attempt to study and interpret any official Lexapro guide, you must read carefully between the lines to determine what is fact and what is fiction.

The careful student of an official Lexapro guide will notice many statements presented as facts when there is no scientific basis for those ‘facts’.

A compounding problem is that drug makers exert great influence over which scientific studies are published, as well as which studies are even performed in the first place.

This is according to Richard Smith, who served as editor of the British Medical Journal for 25 years. He wrote an article entitled “Medical Journals Are An Extension Of The Marketing Arm Of The Pharmaceutical Companies”.

Approximately 70% of all antidepressant studies published in the major medical journals are sponsored by drug companies. These drug-company-sponsored articles are then used as the ‘facts’ upon which guides (such as the official Lexapro guide) use as the foundation for their information.

Normally, this would be considered a form of ‘intellectual incest’. But you can draw your own conclusions.

If you’re taking or considering taking Lexapro for anxiety or depression or some off-label usage, you’ll find the information for taking Lexapro in the official Lexapro guide, found on the Lexapro maker’s web site.

What you won’t find from Forrest Laboratories (the manufacturer of Lexapro) is any information on the severe withdrawal symptoms experienced by many who take Lexapro.

Never stop taking Lexapro without consulting your doctor. Also, careful monitoring is necessary for anyone beginning Lexapro due to the side effect of suicidal ideation.

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against Forrest Laboratories by family members of suicide victims caused – allegedly – by Lexapro.

In addition to reading about Lexapro, it’s also important to understand theunderlying causes that would lead someone to such a painful place of needing Lexapro in the first place.

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