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Lexapro WithdrawalHere is my Lexapro withdrawal story:

“I tapered off my Lexapro over (a period of) 2 weeks and am now completely off.

“I was glad to read the side effects just now because I was very worried. I didn’t know I was having Lexapro withdrawal.

“I don’t feel normal in my own body. I had forgotten to take the Lexapro at one point for a couple of days and was wondering why I was feeling so weird.

“I took some more Lexapro and I felt back to my normal self. Then I was scared because I thought it felt terrible being off it.

“So I eased my dosage down to nothing. But the withdrawal symptoms are still very much with me…”

Lexapro withdrawal symptoms

“I thought I might have some disease or something. When I read the withdrawal symptoms I was somewhat relieved in a sense that now I know what’s wrong.

“It feels horrible…

    • it is sort of an unreal feeling in my head and body.
    • I feel dizzy and my brain feels like it’s bloated.
    • Noises louder than normal are extremely painful and bright light is very offensive.
    • My face was actually red like a sun burn and bloated for over a week.
    • I feel like I have a low tolerance for anything I have to concentrate on for very long; my brain actually feels tired.

I feel exhausted and have had the chills, and hot like flashes. “I am very determined to get beyond this and feel normal again. I just read your notes and was happy to find out I guess this is normal for withdrawl when you’ve been taking Lexapro. I am glad to know this.

“Thank you.

“I can’t wait for this to be over.”

(From a writer who asked to remain anonymous, who’s going through Lexapro withdrawal.)

In addition to learning about Lexapro withdrawal, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead you to such a painful place.

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