Objectifying Your Pain

How To End The Pain

Part Three – Begin the Healing

Perhaps the best way to start healing the pain is by ‘getting it out on paper’ – writing out exactly how you feel about it.

I’d also like to say that in no way am I trying to oversimplify the very complex phenomenon of pain. Any particular pain can have multiple causes. I’m just trying to get to the very bottom of the pain; the root cause.

Working with the root cause is something you can do in addition to any other therapy or method or medication you may be taking.

What bothers you the most? Are you willing to get closer to it?

See, most of the time we avoid dealing with the pain, which can only make it worse. We have a tendency to want to push it away; a temporary solution at best.

The only way to get rid of the pain is to bring it closer – to become more intimate with it. Pain will never end by avoiding or denying it.

To get closer to your pain, to begin writing about it, first remove some of the mystery that always seems to surround pain. You do this by making your pain into an object.

The more you can ‘objectify’ your pain, the more you can get a handle on it. By getting a handle on your pain – you can then take back enough of your power to end it.

So how do you objectify your pain? Start to ‘sense’ it – to’see’ it and to ‘hear’ it.

What would your pain look like? A dark gray mass of oozing goo? Sharp needles and pins? A monster – diabolical and frightening?

And what would your pain sound like? Crying? Wailing? Shrieking? Try to imagine the sounds your pain would make if it could speak.

Also, what does it smell like? Fire and brimstone? Bring all your senses into play. ‘Taste’ your pain. Feel it. Don’t deny it. Don’t run from it. Understand it instead.

How big is it? Does it loom over you? That’s okay, it can change. But for now, how big is it?

You can shrink it down. You can turn that demon into a Chihuahua. The more you know about your pain, the more likely you’ll be able to do so.

Know your pain. And know what it does to you. How much areyou missing out on, right now? How much of life is passing you by?

Pain robs you. It takes, and takes, and takes. It gives so little in return. How does that make you feel? Write it out!

Get it down on paper. Express your emotions – the emotions that come up when you think and feel about your pain.

Get some scrap pieces of paper, and just start writing. Or, maybe just start scribbling fiercely.

No harm in that. It might just start releasing some of the trapped energy.

Hate your pain. Direct your hate towards the objectified pain. Let it know how you feel. Take all that hate that you’ve been dumping on the world, and dumping on yourself -and direct it to where it belongs – your pain.

It’s okay to hate, as long as you express it and release it. Don’t hate yourself. Hate the cancer of pain instead.

Objectify your pain – and direct your negative energy into it. Let it know how you feel about it!

To express and release your hate, write it down! Write down how it feels to be in pain – to have something robbing you of your vitality, your power, your dignity, and your grace.

Pain robs you of your dignity as a human being. How does that make you feel? Write it out, fast and furious.

Keep the emotions churning inside you. Don’t stop thinking. Don’t stop feeling.

The more willing you are to examine your thoughts and feelings about any pain you may have – the more likely you are to end that pain.

Objectify your pain, then focus your thoughts and feelings on that pain. Next, start writing down those thoughts and feelings – as fast as you can. Don’t stop to think about what you are writing – just write whatever comes into your head.

Write until you can’t write anymore. When you’re finished, stop. Take a break for a while, before reviewing what’s on the paper.

The idea is to stir yourself up a bit and get you thinking. To become intimate with your pain and then to beat it down,to beat it back, to make it go away.

First to know it, then to crush it. Life has too much to offer. You don’t have to be in pain.

The pain can end.

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