Paxil and Weight Gain

Paxil and Weight GainTaking Paxil? I’ll bet you’re gaining weight. Paxil and weight gain go together like salt and pepper.

The fact that Paxil and other antidepressants make many users gain weight has been known for decades.

Unfortunately, the information was slow in trickling down to the doctors who usually prescribe them.


I guess somebody had to be the last to know…

Why the professed ignorance? You don’t have to spend much time in a doctor’s waiting room before noticing the almost constant parade of drug reps and various other assorted characters that bombard your physician on a daily basis.

Not only do they fight over who gets to bring your doctor lunch, they also serve as the information source regarding the effects of their drugs.


Why You Gain Weight with Paxil

Paxil, like the other drugs in its class, can impede specific enzymes in your liver that allow your metabolism to function correctly.

Much like crimping a garden hose impedes the flow of water through it; so Paxil and other SSRI’s (such as EffexorCelexa and Zoloft) impede certain neuroendocrine system pathways.

The two major hormones that regulate metabolism are insulin and leptin. Insulin works mostly within each individual cell, while leptin works between cells.

Leptin regulates blood sugar through two different pathways. One controls appetite and fat storage, while the other is responsible for telling the liver what to do with its stored glucose.

The fat-cell derived hormone leptin may be the key to weight gain, with or without taking Paxil. As a chemical messenger, leptin tells your brain how fat you are, among other things.

Leptin causes you to eat less, and it also increases the amount of energy you use (your metabolism). Therefore, it may be one of the most important factors in determining your weight.

(Interestingly enough, leptin also functions as a guide for the body in determining when the time is right to reproduce, which may offer a clue as to why so many on antidepressants lose their sex drive!)

The alteration of leptin (such as by taking Paxil) has been shown to directly cause weight gain for some people.


What to do about Paxil weight gain


Knowing that taking Paxil will inhibit leptin, the easiest solution involves taking omega 3 capsules along with vitamin E.


Essential fatty acids such as omega 3 are a precursor, or raw material, of leptin. By giving the body what it needs to make leptin, positive results have been achieved from some Paxil users who gain weight.

And if that’s not enough, and you want the absolute best solution to healing the weight gain, then here’s a company I’ve found that offers some high-potency supplements to help with Paxil weight gain. They’ve got some interesting video proof you can watch when you go check them out.

Also, if you need help with Paxil withdrawal, then check out this page for the best free information.

In addition to taking these natural supplements, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead you to such a painful place.


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