Paxil Withdrawals

Paxil WithdrawalsEnduring the ‘withdrawals’ of paxil can be one of the most horrible experiences imaginable.

“Why?!” you keep asking yourself. “Why is this happening to me?!”

And more importantly, “When is this going to end?!”

The Paxil withdrawals can truly test your sanity.


A poll of over 12,000 users revealed the following shocking results about Paxil withdrawals. Keep in mind these are ordinary users, good honest people like yourself who have no economic incentive… no reason to lie.


  • 84% of users were not warned of withdrawals by their doctor.
  • 80% of users experienced withdrawals when tryingto quit.
  • 61% of users who attempted to quit were unable, due to the severity of withdrawals.

The results of this poll most likely would differ widely from one produced by the government or the pharmaceutical companies. Until recently, I still received letters from Paxil user who say their doctor never warned them about Paxil withdrawals, and even worse, scoffed at the notion that the user is going through Paxil withdrawals. Amazing, but true.

Some Paxil uses suffer withdrawals for months after trying to quit Paxil. (Heroin, by comparison, produces withdrawals for about a week.)


Working with the Paxil Withdrawals

For specific information on various aspects of the Paxil withdrawals process, follow the links below:

The Paxil Withdrawal Strategy. This page details specificactions you can take to help you through the paxil withdrawals process.

The Paxil Withdrawal Symptoms Contains a list of most of the paxil withdrawals symptoms. I say ‘most’ because new ones keep cropping up on occasion.

Paxil Withdrawal Help. This page contains general actions you can take not just for the Paxil withdrawals, but also for any illness or malady you may be going through.

Perhaps the two worse mental expressions of the Paxil withdrawals are the overwhelming feelings of being isolated, cut off from the world and even from loved ones, and the fear of permanently losing your sanity.

The isolation stems in large part from the inability to express or even understand what is happening. The sanity issue most likely stems from the sleep disruption that occurs from taking Paxil (and other similar SSRI’s). Lack of deep sleep will drive you crazy.

So where do you stand?

I spoke to one doctor – hopelessly addicted to Paxil -who resolved to spend the rest of his days taking it because he simply could not tolerate the withdrawals; and I also spoke to one ‘little old lady’ who toughed it out in her bathroom and bedroom, without her husband even knowing what she was going through!

Nobody can really look inside another person and know the degree of their suffering. The Paxil withdrawals have always reminded me of the concentration camps of World War II. Some of the suffering is unimaginable,and certainly much is horrifying.

The bottom line – no one knows ahead of time if they will be one of the unfortunate few who suffer horrendously, or if they will be spared the ravages of the Paxil withdrawals.

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