Release the Little Story

Release the Little StoryOur little story is the root cause of why we refuse to let go of the individual events of the past.

Sometimes we can hold onto excruciatingly painful grief, like from the death of a loved one, because of the little story. Other times, we can hold onto unspeakable horrors of abuse because of it.

Your little story is not the individual events of the past. Rather, it’s the FRAME that HOLDS the events. It’s the story you tell yourself about what happened, AND about what WILL happen in the future.

The reason why we hold onto our little story is because we have plans to use it in the future.

What is your little story?

What do you keep proving, over and over and over? About the way the world is. About how all men are… About how all women are…

“Want proof? Just look what happened to me last week!”

Are you proving you don’t deserve? Are you proving you can never be happy? Are you proving that you really are special because your problems really are worse then everybody else’s? What does your little story prove?

“I’ll never get it right.”

“I’ll always have to struggle.”

“See, I told you it wouldn’t work!”

Are you an innocent victim? Are you an ‘adult child of asshole parents’? Is that your little story?

I know I had a good one going. It was like a wall plaque, suitable for framing! My little story was my most prized possession. I carried it with me everywhere I went.

Whenever I had nothing else to do, I would take it out, buff and polish it – until it shined. I wore it on my sleeve. I carried it like a chip on my shoulder.

Funny thing, most of it was an outright lie. It wasn’t even true. Still, I needed my little story, and it needed me. (Sounds like a co-dependent relationship!)

Cause what would have happened if I gave it up? What would happen to you – if you gave up your little story?

Would you have to be more responsible? Would you not be able to manipulate others? Who would feel sorry for you, if you didn’t have your little story? How could you blame others? How could you keep the pain alive?

Remember, I’m not saying the abuse didn’t happen. No. Many people were abused one way or another. Many people truly are suffering because of how they were victimized in the past. I understand.

And everyone has been betrayed. Every single human.

I am not – in any way – trying to diminish what really did happen. What I am saying is that it’s OKAY TO LET IT GO!!

You’ve suffered enough. There’s no need to continue. Whatever damage was done to you in the past can be healed.

So much of the little story revolves around being ‘special’. Meaning, you’re the exception and beyond help.

“My problems are worse than anybody else’s and I can’t be fixed.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your little story in not unique. There’s only a handful of different themes.You just put your own ‘unique twist’ onto a very well-worn path. The ‘little story’ is as old as mankind. It’s a pattern that’s been repeated over and over and over again.

Why not write it out? You’re not going to make it any worse. It might just be an eye-opening experience! By taking the little story out of the closet and into the lightof day – which is what writing it down will do – then youcan examine it closely and decide if it’s really somethingyou want to keep.

By writing it all down, you can better determine if it really serves you, or are you serving it?

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