Paxil Night Sweats

Paxil Night SweatsAs many as one in five patients taking Paxil experience night sweats.

Imagine this:

You started Paxil maybe one, two, or more years ago. For whatever reason. It helped. Although you certainly wonder how long you’ll be on it. Then, for no reason at all, you start sweating like CRAZY at night.

Drenched it sweat. So bad it wakes you up. So bad you have to change the sheets, or your night clothes. And it goes on night after night after night.

That’s what it’s like for about 20% of the patients taking Paxil.

There is no known cure for Paxil night sweats, except to stop taking the Paxil. Which, of course, needs to be done very slowly! Under medical supervision.

It’s common for patients to report the night sweats did not begin for several years after starting Paxil, so there may be other reasons for it. For example:

    • Many people who’ve never taken any antidepressant in their life report having night sweats.
    • Hot flashes from menopause can occur at night, and can cause sweating.
    • Tuberculosis and other infections can cause sweating at night.
    • Hormone disorders, neurological conditions and hypoglycemia also produce night sweating.
    • Some cancers, such as lymphoma, have night sweating as one of their early symptoms. However, other symptoms will usually be present also, such as weight loss and fevers.
    • And finally, other drugs can also be the culprit. Cortisone medications, high doses of niacin, Viagra… even aspirin and Tylenol could be responsible for night sweating.

But if you’re taking Paxil, and the night sweating is severe, most likely it’s caused by the Paxil.

And your options are really quite limited. Some people believe taking the Paxil at nighttime makes the sweating worse.

Basically, you can either put up with it – and bring a load of towels to bed with you, or you can think about tapering off the Paxil.

Getting off Paxil should be attempted only under medical supervision.

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