Success Stories With Paxil

Success Stories With PaxilLooking for success stories with Paxil? You can find them.

But the real question to ask yourself is why - why you seek those stories…

What are you really looking for? What do you want to prove? That Paxil isn’t that bad? That it can help you?

If you’ll step back and look at your own intention, you may find that intention has an awful lot to do with what actually happens with your experience with Paxil.

Because it’s important to understand – from all the people I’ve heard from, from all the accounts I’ve read -

    • about one third of the people taking Paxil have really bad experiences
    • about one third of the people have good experiences (at least for a while)
    • and the rest fall somewhere in the middle

That’s why your intention is so important. Intention overrides almost everything else in the world. Look at scientific experiments of any kind. What’s the number one thing that needs to be eliminated from any study onany topic?


Because researchers always have a bias. That’s why they chose to focus on whatever experiment they’ve set up. Because they’re interested in the outcome. Nothing wrong with that. It’s perfectly normal.

Researchers must go to great lengths to ‘prove’ their intentions won’t influence the results. But intentions always influence results. No matter what the setting. There’s no such thing as a ‘closed box system’. It’s impossible.

Your intention – your true intention – has a lot to do with what happens to you. Why?

Because if you put on rose-colored glasses – you see a rose-colored world. That’s why I’m harping on intention.

If you seek success stories with Paxil – you will find them.

If you seek nightmare stories with Paxil – you’ll find them as well.

I strongly urge you to look at your intentions here. Do you want to prove to yourself Paxil is a good choice? If so, why? What is the real agenda here?

If you honestly ask yourself these types of questions- you’ll learn more about yourself – and you’ll be empowering yourself.

It takes courage to look at your true intention.

In addition to searching for success stories with Paxil, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead someone to such a place to begin with.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

It’s such an important change that I’ve written a complete e-book about it. And I’d like to give you a copy for free. All you have to do is write your first name and primary email address into the space below, and you’ll be receiving a link to download the e-book right away.

Free e-book reveals exactly what to do right now, starting today, to feel better.

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