The Dirty Secrets of Antidepressants

Are Antidepressants Really Safe and Effective?

Learn the dirty secrets about depression medications that antidepressant makers don’t want you to know!

Searching for biased and cynical information about depression medications? Want opinions instead of facts? You’ve come to the right place!

Maybe you’ve already seen the official web sites of the drug companies and their depression medications.

>What you won’t find on their web sites are techniques for handling emotional pain quickly and decisively without antidepressants.

You and I both know that drug companies have saved millionsand millions of lives. You can’t forget that! Overall, the world would be much worse off without drug companies.

However, when it comes to depression medications,… something’s not right.

Here’s the inside story about antidepressants in five easy parts:


1. A brief history of depression medications.

2. How clinical studies are fudged.

3. The truth about dependency and withdrawal symptoms.

4. Side effects and long-term effects of common antidepressants.

5. The allure of the easy cure.

Read the information, and you can come to your own conclusions.

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