The Lexapro Story

Lexapro Story

The Lexapro Inside Story

While Lexapro is being touted as the latest, greatest, treatment for depression, the evidence for Lexapro is less than spectacular.

However, people are hungry for a miracle cure – the magic pill that will come along and end their depression for good, with a minimum of side effects.

After the hype of Lexapro dies down, it’s true stature will emerge.

Unfortunately, each new ‘breakthrough’ drug for depression follows a well-worn trajectory, from miracle drug to just one more tired antidepressant.

Can Lexapro be any different?

The marketing story for Lexapro implies that it’s being done to help more people who are suffering from depression, since Lexapro is ‘better’ than Celexa.

Actually, Lexapro is one half of the Celexa molecule. To be more precise, Lexapro is a racemic switch of Celexa. Essentially, it involves splitting a molecule into two similar halves.

Supposedly, the ‘good’ half of Celexa was saved, while the ‘bad’ half was discarded. The result is Lexapro, the first antidepressant approved by the FDA since Celexa, four years ago.

Apparently it worked, according to one North Carolina psychiatrist. As head cheerleader for Lexapro, Dr. Andrew Farah is hardly an unbiased expert.

“I believe Lexapro should be our first line agent in the treatment of depression”, he gushed. “With Lexapro, dropout rates due to adverse events are no different from placebo.”

“Lexapro is stronger, starts working faster and appears to have a lower side-effects profile. They could have held off on Lexapro and made their billions off of Celexa first. But that isn’t happening here…”

He goes on to relate the story of Howard Soloman, CEO of Forest Laboratories and the US manufacturer of Lexapro.

It seems Soloman’s son, Andrew, was suffering from depression, and so the elder Soloman traveled to Europe searching for a cure, and discovered the antidepressant Citalopram, sold under the brand name Cipramil.

His company ended up selling Citalopram here in the states, under the brand name Celexa.

Andrew’s symptoms were reduced by taking Cipramil, but apparently that wasn’t enough.

Now they are selling Escitalopram under the brand name Lexapro because Soloman has seen the light, and decided to put human dignity above corporate profits.

Who could argue with that?

If you’ve been affected by depression, then you know how easy it is to be touched by this story.

Rather than the profit motive, Forest is being touched by a Higher Calling.

Dr. Farah is obviously an articulate, intelligent, good-looking and well-respected member of the psychiatric community.

Why does he make such outlandish claims for Lexapro?

The answer of course is that he is being paid. In fact, Farah receives compensation from several pharmaceutical companies.

If Lexapro sounds too good to be true, now you know why. You’re getting a very one-sided story.

In addition to reading this spin of Lexapro, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead people to such a painful place of needing it.

I almost feel guilty because my life has become so enjoyable and so easy. Especially since I remember how miserable I used to be.

Basically it comes down to making one slight shift in what you do everyday, and you can watch in amazement as your life slowly begins to start working out in almost every way.

It’s such an important change that I’ve written a complete e-book about it. And I’d like to give you a copy for free. All you have to do is write your first name and primary email address into the space below, and you’ll be receiving a link to download the e-book right away.

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