The Messages of Pain

Part Six – The Messages of Pain

As I mentioned in part five of this series, pain carries with it a message. By understanding the message of pain, it becomes much easier to end it.

I’d also like to say that in no way am I trying to oversimplify the very complex phenomenon of pain. Any particular pain can have multiple causes. I’m just trying to get to the very bottom of the pain; the root cause.

Working with the root cause is something you can do in addition to any other therapy or method or medication you may be taking. I just want to offer a new perspective on your ‘knee pain’.

“No, no!”, you say. “My knee hurts because I was in a car wreck. And it was the other driver’s fault – you can read the police report!”

(The fact that your life was careening out of control, and you needed a shock to bring you back, to get you refocused, never enters the picture…!)

Big pains usually started as small pains. Small pains are a whisper that something may be askew. By listening to the small pains, you can often prevent the big ones.

The first step is to get a better understanding of your pain. Remember, pain is a synergy of two things. A separation from, and a longing for, something specific.

What are you separate from? What are you longing for? Where is the pain? Is it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual?

If it’s physical, how do you feel out of control of your life? Who or what is running your life instead of you?

Do you lack feeling? Does someone need to pinch you so you will know you’re awake?

These are the kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself, (as you write it all down.)

Where in the body are you feeling pain? It’s almost always a coded message from some other aspect of yourself.

If it’s back pain, why are you so rigid? What is haunting you from the past that you ‘put behind you’?

If it’s in your shoulders, what responsibility will you not accept?

If it’s your eyes, what are you refusing to see?

If the pain is in your neck, what are you indecisive about?

What will you not stomach?

If the pain is in your knees, ankles, wrists or elbows, what are you not flexible about?

If the pain is mental, where do you lack understanding? What part of your life has no meaning? What is too painful to think about?

If the pain is emotional, why do you feel it? Is there a lack of love, a lack of caring? Are you too afraid of intimacy? Do you not belong?

Do you feel hollow inside? If the pain is spiritual, is it from a lack of spirituality, a lack of aesthetics, or both? As you pay attention to the exact location of the pain, write it down. Describe it in detail, and then free-associate with your writing, meaning you write fast and furious, as quickly as you can, exactly how it makes you think and feel to be in this pain.

Scribble fiercely. Be a fierce scribbler. Spend as much time as necessary to get everything down on paper. Write with the intention of finding the answer, and you will usually be accommodated by the part of you who does know the reasons why you are in pain.

Remember, the pain you feel is not a random event. Your life is not a product of chance; rather your life is a product of choice. That’s the ultimate message of pain.

The message takes many different forms. What is your unique message?

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