Zoloft and Weight Gain

Zoloft Weight Gain


Read what happened to others on Zoloft…

and then discover how to END the weight gain from Zoloft.

You have two options available which you can read about below…

zoloft weight gain – 25 pounds in 4 months

“I have been taking Zoloft for about 9 months. About 4 months ago I started gaining weight. I have always weighed about 120 lbs. I’m 46 yrs. old. Now I weigh about 145 lbs. A rapid gain – I don’t why..”

zoloft weight gain – 20 pounds in one month

“I had normally weighed around 120-125 lbs. In about one month I went from my normal weight to 140-145 lbs.

60 pounds in 18 months

“I started taking Zoloft 2 years ago, I started gaining weight pretty quickly about the time my dose was upped, I haven’t changed my lifestyle that much, and the gain just kept on. Now I’m 60 pounds more than when I started, and I have never been anywhere near this heavy in my life And it won’t come off — in fact, it seems to be going even higher, though I’m trying.”

Zoloft weight gain – 50 pounds

“I have gained a ton of weight. I normally weigh about 130 and now I weigh 180. They don’t tell you that part. No amount of working out or dieting helps.”

Zoloft weight gain – 65 pounds (quit zoloft and lost it all in 3 months)

“The weight gain is from the drugs.I gained 20 pounds that would not come off and I worked out 7 days a week. …gained another 45 pounds. I was always thin. So I went off the drug and lost it all in 3 months time.”

Not to belabor the point, but here’s yet one more Zoloft weight gain story.

Zoloft causes weight gain in many people who take it. For many years, the reason why was unknown. But recent research has found the answer, and poignantly, the problems with Zoloft and weight gain can be easily overcome.

Zoloft can impede certain enzymes in your liver that allow your metabolism to function properly… When these metabolic pathways are crimped off by the zoloft, it both lowers your metabolism and increases your appetite.

While many different chemicals come in to play, the key lies with leptin. Leptin, a complex protein made up of over a hundred different amino acids, plays a key role in regulating energy intake and expenditure, and especially influences appetite and metabolism.

Manufactured in fat tissues of the body, leptin sends a signal to the hypothalamus that it’s time to stop eating. But for many of those who take Zoloft, this chemical message never gets through to the brain. So while you may think you’re just eating as normal, in realty you’re eating more because you don’t yet feel full.

In other words, it’s very easy to overeat while taking Zoloft and you never even realize it.

Added to this ‘unconscious overeating’ is the problem of a slowed metabolism, which Zoloft also can cause.


What to do about Zoloft and weight gain

The solution is simple. You need to strengthen the pathways that Zoloft interrupts. The lowest-cost solution involves taking a high quality vitamin E supplement, along with omega 3 capsules. Start there. And drink lots of water! That’s very important.

However, for maximum effectiveness, you may need to try a more potent approach. Fortunately, there are some natural supplements specifically designed to help with Zoloft weight gain (actually, they help with all antidepressant weight gain problems).

A laboratory in Clearwater, Florida specializes in researching and developing natural solutions to the problems caused by antidepressants. In fact, they have several natural supplements that can help you lose the weight caused by Zoloft.

If you feel that over-the-counter vitamin E and omega 3 capsules are insufficient, then just visit this site that will help you with Zoloft and weight gain.

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2 thoughts on “Zoloft and Weight Gain

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  2. Zoloft does not cause weight gain in everybody. I lost ten pounds the first two months I was on it, then my weight stabalized. Zoloft helps me quite a bit and I am glad I am taking it. This website makes it sound like everybody gains weight and that is not the whole story.

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