Inspiring Zoloft Story

Inspiring Zoloft Story“Zoloft Withdrawal Relief – One Woman’s Story”

I have read over and over again that people who are going through Zoloft withdrawal are having a tough time of it, and I just wanted to let them know that they just need to hang on.

I went off cold turkey after 10 years and an ending dose of 100mg a day for the last 2 years of my therapy.

Zoloft was a lifesaver for me when I began my treatment and am grateful it was there at a time when I needed it, but it became clear to me that it had served it purpose and it was time for me to take control and get off of it.

I had suffered the sexual side effects, the memory loss, the weight gain, the sleep disturbances,and what I refer to as “brain zaps” or as some people call them “brain shivers” and all of the other fun and games that people speak of, but accepted it as a trade off for feeling human again.

I was not however, prepared for the withdrawal I would experience.

The first few days were rough, but the weeks that followed tested my resolve more than I expected. I dealt with dizziness, constant nausea and headache, feelings of panic, flu-like symptoms and finally when I thought I couldn’t take another minute, I woke up one day and it was over.

It took me about 8 weeks.

In retrospect, it was so worth it! I did not realize how much it had affected my family and those around me. I had become a robot. I felt very little, I showed very little emotion and to be honest, I really didn’t care.

My children had a check and balance system anytime they needed me to remember anything. They knew the chances were slim that I would, so they would remind me several times or leave notes around the house.

I never felt like being intimate because I got nothing out of it and sleep was something that seemed elusive no matter what I did.

I had taken a prescription sleep medicine, but it made me even more of a zombie and my doctor decided it was not worth it. The two medicines did not seem to gel and I would go through what I later learned was mini-withdrawal during the day after taking the sleep medicine.

I look back now and wonder how I even functioned the last year or so. I was a single mom with a very stressful job, three children, and a house to keep going and I thought there was no way I could do it without Zoloft.

I did not remember my life before Zoloft.

When I remarried this year, my husband suggested that I try to get off of it. He knew I was struggling with the side effects and wanted to be free from it, but that I was also just as scared of living with out it.

We spoke to my doctor who was all for it, but told me it would be no cake walk.


My suggestion to anyone thinking about getting off of Zoloft is speak to their doctor, let their family know what they are doing and let them know that you are going to go through a rough time.

My teenage boys were actually relieved I had come to the decision and were very supportive.

And support is the key to it all.

My husband went through the crying spells, the sleepless nights, the panic attacks, the nausea and headaches and the flood of emotions that I still have from time to time and through it all he reminded me that when it was all over, I would be free from the dependence and it would be worth it.

I am about 3 months out of the withdrawal period and the 40 pounds I had slowly gained is starting to come off with no special effort on my part and my memory has returned.

My sleep is deeper and more recuprative and the sexual side effects are getting better. I still have brain zaps from time to time, but they seem to only show up when I am really tired or am feeling alot of stress.

The difference is night and day! So if you are where I was, hang in there and know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. God Bless!!

by Andrea

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(NOTE: This is a letter I received from a woman going through zoloft withdrawal. If you’re going through the same thing, then click here for antidepressant withdrawal support.)


In addition to reading this story of withdrawal, it’s also important to understand the underlying causes that would lead someone to such a painful place.


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